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Garlic Knots

Garlic Knots

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Garlic knots topped with Garlic season Butter, Marinara sauce

Garlic Knots – Besides getting pizza what is the best part of going to a pizzeria?? The garlic knots, of course! What’s not to love? They are slightly cheesy, garlicky and buttery! That’s pretty much heaven if you ask me!
They are simply pizza dough that is tied into knots and then baked and coated with a butter/ garlic/ parmesan mixture. Not only are garlic knots a staple in New York, but they have an interesting history as well.
They are one of those foods that has many origin stories because many people claim that they were the first to make them. However, Anthony Sette, who owns Anthony’s Place in Brooklyn claims his family has been making this snack since 1947. He claims his family started making they with poppy seeds in an effort to waste excess dough. He said they would use the excess dough from the pizzas and tie them up into knots, and people started buying them like crazy.
While the garlic knots here in Colorado are probably nothing compared to those in Long Island, they are still quite tasty. I like to go to a small pizza place here, Big Bills. It’s pretty much the beat pizza you’ll find in CO, because it is authentic New York style pizza. But did you know that one of your favorite pizzeria snacks, the garlic knot, also made its first debut in the concrete jungle? Believe it or knot, this delicious doughy snack was apparently created right here in New York City. According to this Reddit post:

this snack, which might arguably be one of the best snacks of all time, have since become a staple in the average New Yorker’s diet. But then again, how could you not develop a hopeless addiction to pizza dough that’s coated in the perfect mix of oil, parmesan cheese, crushed garlic and oregano?

Source: https://sprinklesofhistory.com/garlic-knots/


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